Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month

Image by Nina Žnideršič.

We all come with histories, commitments, ideas, stories. We all have an idea of how we’d like the world to change and how we’d like it to see us. We all try our best to express these things – but it’s not always easy. Why?

There’s an awful lot of noise. There’s an awful lot of other ideas, stories, commitments – and sometimes shouting above it all gets old. We get tired. Sometimes we just wish for silence (or a megaphone).

Luckily, that’s why we have creativity – art is the mark of endurance.

Nothing endures like the artists who devote limited time, energy, and resources to build and examine and create amidst all the noise. We are here for you. We’re here to offer a platform that uplifts and celebrates your art, your patience, your endurance.

We’re here to be your megaphone.

Celebrating Black History Month

We’re excited to announce our Celebrating Black History Month open call – submissions open tomorrow!

To celebrate Black History Month (October, UK), Zealous is buying prints from 3 different artists and offering them a featured spot on our homepage, our blog, and all our social media channels (you can take over our Instagram too, if you’d like).

All artists are welcome to apply, although our focus is on individuals whose work addresses racial diversity / inclusion.

Special guest judges will finalise shortlisted artists at the end of September. Selected artists will each get individual features on our (brand-spankin’ new!) homepage, blog, and social media.

The Perks
  • Sell one of your prints (up to £300 VAT inclusive)
  • Feature interview on our blog
  • Featured on the Zealous homepage and social media for the month of October

Submit as many times as you’d like. Submissions opens tomorrow!

If you have any questions, check the opportunity listing for details. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Get in touch immediately via live chat or [email protected].