Zealous was created in order to bring different creative disciplines together. Our goal has always been to connect creative talent with opportunities. With Zealous X, we are working to move beyond our mission by providing the opportunity ourselves, bringing together creative talents from all across the endless spectrum of creative disciplines.

The massive amount of submissions that we’ve received for Zealous X have blown us away. Having received over 1000 submissions from artists of all backgrounds, we find ourselves validated and motivated in our mission of connecting creativity with opportunity. We are so pleased to see the remarkable work that our vast group of creatives have done. We’ve been impressed, entertained, thrilled and moved by the wide range of work we’ve been sent. Looking at the submissions from artists across a variety of mediums, we find it safe to believe that the future of creativity looks very bright.

Our list of fantastic judges, with backgrounds in everything from broadcasting to museum curation, publishing to programming, with musicians, filmmakers, educators, and writers, makes us even more excited about Zealous X. Our judges, together with the programme of talks, speakers, as well as the collaborations forged and discussions surrounding the artists’ work will all help shape our understanding of what it means to be creative.

With Zealous X, we are connecting creative talent with the ultimate opportunity: to discuss, examine, and influence the future of creativity in our country.

We couldn’t be happier with what our artists have done.

Zealous X is unleashing creativity at Rich Mix, Shoreditch over an exceptional 10-day festival from the 7th to the 17th of January 2016. Find out more.