Pictures taken at Zealous X

This summer we launched Zealous X, an open call to find 100+ incredible creative talents across the UK. We received over a 1000 entries.

Our exciting panel of judges selected all the works showcased at Zealous X. We have curated for you an incredible exhibition including photography pieces, paintings, interactive installations, sculptures, design works and more! The show is free of charge, here are our highlights.

In the Main Space

The main Zealous X space is dominated by two powerful installations which address the very socio-political issues that have shaken Europe in the last year. The on-going war in Syria and the plight of millions of refugees is presented alongside the fight to ensure LGBT rights are respected by everyone. At the same space visitors get the chance to use a bespoke application to design their own scarf which they can have digitally printed in top quality silk.

800 shoes By Judith Gabrielle Waters.


Two slits on the capsized container, which is reminiscent of a sunken boat, reveal a large number of haphazardly arranged shoes, lost or forgotten forever. The work symbolizes the difficult and challenging journey Syrian refugees have to go through in order to reach the shores of Europe and apply for asylum.

Rainbow By Francesco Sera Vila
A box conceived as a small theatre or a large closet is allowing the visitor to enter and become the protagonist of the installation. One by one, the visitors manipulate a lever which recreates the sound of rain and also changes the position of a light bulb at the other end. Each time the bulb moves, filter gels inside the box (in red, yellow and blue) mix together to project a rainbow. At the same time people outside can see the rainbow spectrum as well as the silhouette of the person moving inside.
Created in Brussels to denounce the homophobic attacks LGBT people have been experiencing locally, the installation is a celebration of diversity and life. Francesco Sera Vila is a Catalan artist who combines his background in architecture with theatre, opera and visual arts.

Generative Scarves By Convivial Project.
Combining their backgrounds in fashion and graphic design Paul Ferragut and Ann-Kristin Abel, the founders of Convivial Project are blending art with technology in the most exciting way.

From tape art to specially commissioned costumes and from photography to 3d printed designs, the whole floor bursts with creativity and innovation. Acclaimed artists are presented alongside emerging talent in an engaging creative conversation.

King Cotton By Holly Murray


A stunning brown suede gown uses multiple narrative levels and symbols to tell the story of the slave trade. The cut outs on the front side are the exact same ones that appear on the main gate at the port of Liverpool, which opened to let the slaves in. Printed patterns and figures on the dress explore untold personal stories while a model ship attached to the dress represents the value of the slave trade, which can only be measured in gold.

The Same Matter By Enzo Mercedes
Soil is juxtaposed to bare skin. The earth seems to reflect, embrace, attack or endanger the skin and vice versa in a series of photographs that break through the wall of time and space.

High voltage and energy fill the gallery which hosts the Zealous X interactive section. Installations, ground breaking gaming and tape art create a kaleidoscopic notion of innovation.

Taphobos: An Immersive Gaming Experience By James Brown.


Taphobos is an experience that puts a player inside a real coffin whilst wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset. They must work together over voice communication with a second player outside the coffin who is trying to rescue the buried player. The second player uses a normal PC screen to navigate a 3D world in which the coffin is hidden, to find it they must communicate over headphones to the buried player. This is because there are clues and riddles hidden in the coffin that only the buried player can see through their VR headset. All of this must be done whilst on player is in a very confined space and with limited time due to oxygen, in both the real and virtual worlds.

This work is intended to explore “uncomfortable experiences and interactions” as part of academic research in the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) field. The player inside the coffin will experience various emotions as they are put in and then try to get out of the confined space. Claustrophobia as well as the fear of being buried alive “taphophobia” may well affect players of the game and they must cope with these emotions as they play.

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