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Underrated Creative Talent: 2016 Honourable Mentions

Image by Serafine Frey.

We’re ending 2016 with over 11,000 artists in the Zealous community, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to feature them all! We’re blown away by our artists’ ingenuity and determination in their work – don’t they deserve a moment in the limelight? Now’s as good a time as any to feature the unsung heroes – the honourable mentions – of 2016. These folks have created amazing content and deserve a little recognition! Check out their work, join us, get in touch, and collaborate with them today! Explore our finest creative talent, from Brussels to Bogotà and beyond.

Biel, Switzerland

Serafine Frey

Illustrator and designer with a focus on playful composition and abstract narrative.

creative talent
creative talent

Manchester, UK

Rachel Presswood

Ceramicist, painter, visual storyteller. Zealous 2016 Art Prize shortlist.

Vancouver, British Columbia

John Larigakis

Art Director, illustrator and designer, co-creator of cartoon series Snack Time. Recognised by Cannes Lions and works with the likes of Volkswagon, Netflix, PepsiCo, and more.

creative talent
creative talent

Corby, UK

Ryan Driscoll

Oil painter with portrait focus who combines old styles with surreal and realist styles.

United Kingdom

Ola Szmida

Animator and illustrator with film festival and editorial experience (Rookie, Vice, and more).

creative talent
creative talent

London, UK

Manon Teychenne-Simoes

Portrait and commission artist with focus on women and female artists.

Basel and London

Sophie Jeong

Essayist, photographer, performer, sculptor, designer with a unique approach to each medium.

creative talent
creative talent

Toronto, Canada

Nathan Boey

Director and Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title and Graphic Design.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Moira Scicluna Zahra

Illustrator and designer with background in digital and traditional art.

creative talent
creative talent

London, UK

Chinoko Sakamoto

Japan-born ceramicist, makes humungous handmade ceramic sculptures and plant pots.


Marta Pinilla

Biologist and artist. Creates sculpture, drawings, sketches and installations focusing on relationship between microcosm and macrocosm.

creative talent
creative talent

Mattishall, UK

Craig Wylie

Figurative painter, hyper-realist, winner of prestigious BP Portrait Award.

London, UK

Marianna Orsho

Multidisciplinary designer and graphic artist, from fonts and logos to animations and illustrations.

creative talent
creative talent

Berlin and London

Maria Louceiro

Photographer and illustrator. Clients include Pitchfork, MTV (UK), Vice (US), Universal Music Group (UK), and more.

Toronto, Canada

Michelle Woodward

Illustrator with graphic novel and magazine specialisations.

creative talent
creative talent

USA and Saudi Arabia

Badr Ali

American-born Saudi Arabian painter and printmaker. Contemporary interpretation of classical paintings.

Glasgow, Scotland

Robert Duncan

Animator and illustrator inspired by interplay between music, narrative and visual design. BAFTA Scotland New Talent nominee.

creative talent
creative talent

Bogotà, Colombia

Jesus Leguizamo

Painter who uses expressive brushstrokes to alter his subjects’ faces.

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