Aesthetica Magazine Shortlist

Image by Matthias Jung.

We’re excited to announce our second installation of the Zealous Meet Series – this time featuring a full page in Aesthetica magazine!

Aesthetica is an exemplary publication in the contemporary art, design, and photography industries, and maintains a loyal audience of around the world. Although it’s only our second feature in the Meet Series, we received over 400 amazing submissions for the Open Call! We were blown away by the quality of work – the final decision was a gruelling one. We’ll keep you in suspense and announce the winner this week (shh!), but for now, check out the phenomenal 23 artists who earned top spots in the Aesthetica shortlist.

The next Meet Series will launch next week, so keep your eyes peeled for more incredible opportunities with creative and cultural publications.

Loreen Hinz
Tja Ling

Dana Piazza
Carla Comotto
Gillian Hyland
Amber Vittoria
Taro Karibe
Lisa Jay
Kamal Liharipur
Leonard Santamaria
Agnieszka Maria Zieba
Maya Gelfman
Emma Finch

Matthew Farrar
Jerome Ng

Matthias Jung
Rachel Presswood
Akvile Magicdust
Teresa Zerafa Byrne
Salman Khoshroo

Jeanine Romão da Silva
Loreen Hinz

Loreen Hinz – Alina
Tja Ling – The Depth of Understanding Cannot Be Known
Dana Piazza – Waves 4
Carla Comotto – Uncharted
Gillian Hyland – To Dream Something True
Amber Vittoria – Portrait of a Woman
Taro Karibe – Melancholia
Lisa Jay – Wagasa
Kamal Liharipur – The Priest
Leonard Santamaria – As the World Falls Down
Agnieszka Maria Zieba – On the Beach
Maya Gelfman – Rise! Black Birds
Emma Finch – Morning Blue with PO Tower
Matthew Farrar – The Night Swimmers
Jerome Ng – Momento Mori: An Assisted Living Hospice Care Home
Matthias Jung – Momento Mori: An Assisted Living Hospice Care Home
Rachel Presswood – Emerging
Akvile Magicdust – Rituals
Fitzy – S.O.S.
Teresa Zerafa Byrne – Melita Red
Rosso – Pink Symphony
Salman Khoshroo – Impasto Expressions of Human Forms
Jeanine Romão da Silva –

Loreen Hinz – Madame Seedler 1