To celebrate American Independence Day, we’re highlighting some of the amazing artists on Zealous that hail from the United States. 

Chris Maynard - Featherfolio

Based in Olympia, Washington, Chris proves that you can make art from any source. In his case: feathers. Chris meticulously carves intricate shapes from feathers before shooting them in shadow boxes.

David Anthony - Skin Deep

David Anthony Geary studied in the quintessentially American city of New Orleans, but now calls Chicago his home. His Skin Deep series of portraits of African Americans focus on what’s beyond the surface of a person, really honing in on small details and the personality of the subjects.

Bastian Hoppe - Landscapes

Think of America, and you think of landscapes – wide open spaces, open roads stretching out onto the horizon, it’s all intrinsically linked to how we perceive the country. Bastian’s shots are deep in this idea of Americana, intimate yet overwhelming.

We’re proud to be a global network of over 10,000 creatives and are continually inspired by the work we see coming through. These three artists barely skim the surface – go on, explore, find someone who inspires you.

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