Creative Opportunities

Don’t Miss March’s Top 24 Creative Opportunities

Image by Ksenia Burnasheva.

Winter’s dragged on long enough—finally, spring has sprung! Celebrate the first day of the season with these creative opportunities—they’re sure to inspire your spring, build your creative network, and boost your sales! Take advantage of these exhibitions, film festivals, job vacancies, and performances before they’re gone for good. All of the creative opportunities expire before March 31. Buckle down, submit your work to a few, and get outside for some well-deserved sun!

1. Art & Business Scotland Awards

Network with some of Scotland’s key figures in the creative and business sectors at the 30th Annual Arts & Business Awards! Spend an evening in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and meet individuals from National Theatre of Scotland, the University of Edinburgh, the Scottish Ballet, the Turner Prize, Summerhall, and more. Closes Wednesday, March 22.

2. Junior Creative for Jungle Creations

Think outside the box and build media campaigns for the 6th most-viewed media company in the world. Join this upbeat Shoreditch-based team and build the next viral trend. Closes Wednesday, March 22.

3. Society of Women Artists’ 156th Annual Exhibition

Exhibit your work and win up to £2,000 in the Society of Women Artists’ (SWA) 156th Annual Exhibition. Open to visual art mediums including painting, engraving, lithographs, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. Closes Thursday, March 23.

4. Elements Festival of Jewellery

Exhibit your designer jewellery, gold, and silver at the four-day Elements Festival in Edinburgh (last year, designers’ sales increased by 56% and 41/45 exhibitors sold their work for up to £5000).  Closes Friday, March 24.

5. Scenographer/Designer, The Ragroof Players

If you’re a designer with site-specific and collaborative theatre experience, this is the opportunity for you. Help The Ragroof Players re-develop Bridges y Puentes to present at the Hull Freedom Festival this September (touring to London and Dover). Closes Friday, March 24.

6. Draw the Line

Submit up to six drawings or moving-image projections to the 2017 Draw the Line exhibition in the Surface Gallery. All work should explore the question, “How do we define drawing today?” Closes Friday, March 24.

7. Artists for Bonkers Contemporary

Join this exciting artist initiative and creative-focussed platform to  showcase your work in a unique and unrestricted environment. Re-imagine new art with the theme of post-truth society or socio-political influence (up to your interpretation). Closes Sunday, March 26.

8. Mythology Exhibition

How do myths affect our belief systems? Sell and exhibit your work (open to many mediums) that draw on resources from myths, legends, folklore, religion, sci-fi, and more. Closes Monday, March 27.

9. Art in Common – By Other Means

Participate in a group show, work with other artists, and learn new skills in this series of intensive interdisciplinary workshops geared toward creative development and collaboration. Closes Monday, March 27.

10. Designers for Factory Floor Exhibition

Celebrate new makers and their machines at Factory Floor, an exhibition featuring designers with experimental processes and innovative materials. Apply now to find where craft and technology intertwine. Closes Monday, March 27.

11. Bomb Factory Film Festival III

After a successful November festival, Bomb Factory is back at it again for single-channel film and video up to 7 minutes long (up to 15 in special cases). The Bomb Factory Film Festival III has no thematic or release-based restrictions. Don’t wait! Closes Wednesday, March 29.

12. Center Forward 2017

Join Center Forward’s 8th Annual Call for awards and an exhibition with an international audience. The best part? The theme is completely up to you! Closes Thursday, March 30.

13. Design for Goldsmiths’ Student Union

Build the Goldsmiths brand and commission student designers on its behalf – from booklets and campaign promotions to web headers and gifs! Sound like you? Closes Thursday, March 30.

14. Join an International Community for Inspiration 2017

Explore your creativity to the tune of NZ $165,000 and a chance to work with Weta Workshop of Cirque du Soleil. Closes Friday, 31 March.

15. University of Exeter Open Exhibition

Living in the southwest? Examine fascinating interdisciplinary research and sell your work commission-free through Exeter University’s Open Exhibition! Closes Friday, 31 March.

16. Isobel Lodge Award: New Scottish Writing

A handful of unpublished Scottish will receive prizes (Overall Winner, 2 Runners-Up, Acottish Arts Club Members Award, and more) in honour of an imaginative writer and powerful storyteller. Closes Friday, 31 March.

17. The SOLO Award

Enjoy £1,000 in cash and a solo exhibition at the 2018 London Art Fair with the SOLO Award – a contemporary art prize open to artists of all ages and any medium! Closes Friday, 31 March.

18. Filmmaker for Chocolate Films

Join this incredible Battersea-based team and produce high-quality video content for museums, galleries, charities, and corporate clients – not only that, but create filmmaking experiences for children, young learners and adults through the Chocolate Films workshops! Closes Friday, 31 March.

19. Summer School in Curatorial Studies

Join other talented creatives and explore Venice, receive practical training and experience in museum and exhibition settings. A once-in-a-lifetime experience! Closes Friday, 31 March.

20. Talent Match for Illustrator / Graphic Artist

Inspire and empower young people in the creative industries! Illustrate a graphic novel reflecting a young artist’s journey. Closes Friday, 31 March.

21. Artists Flourish, Chelsea Fringe

Showcase and sell your work in Espacio Gallery’s fifth exhibition on the Chelsea Fringe 2016 trail. Accepting paints and drawings, prints, sculptures, textiles, cutouts, and more. Closes Friday, 31 March.

22. Nude Fine Art Photography

If you admire Renaissance style and are comfortable in your skivvies (or less), this is the call for you! Contribute as a subject in a nude/partial-nude art series. Closes Friday, 31 March.

23. Handmade at Kew

Join London’s most exciting consumer event for contemporary craft and design – rife with trade and public sector buyers, collectors, media, and VIPS! Closes Friday, 31 March.

24. Art Night

Put tens of thousands of eyes on your work in London’s East End for this free contemporary arts festival this July. Closes Friday, 31 March.