Earth Day: Celebrating Creative Sustainability

Image by Natxo Borreda.

Earth Day inspires global cooperation, appreciation, and big thinking—tomorrow, over a billion people will participate in Earth Day activities, from marches and talks to signing campaigns and creative workshops. How will you celebrate?

Earth Day is a great time to think freely and get creative with the resources at hand. The natural world is full of beauty and surprises! Take care to look closely and see something you didn’t notice before. Grab a camera and gawk at natural wonders, climb a tree and draw what you can see, visit the beach and build a sandcastle. The options are endless! We’ll end our day with a sustainable meal – join us! Switch off the lights and enjoy a candlelit dinner (pitch-darkness is also an option, but not if you’re eating soup). Whatever your plans are, pay attention to the world around you – even when you don’t notice, it keeps turning.

In the meantime, get inspired by these Zealous artists’ perspectives on the natural world and how to take care of it, from biodegradable chip containers to photos of the sea.

Ron Bell
Manmade and Natural in Harmony

In this series, Ron examines the natural and unnatural world beside one another (e.g. driftwood and a deteriorating pipeline).

Mary Ellen Croteau
Eco friendly

This Chicago-based visual artist addresses “the absurdities of social norms” with non-recycled plastic waste in an effort to demonstrate the massive amount of rubbish we consume and discard.

Pim De Wit

Believe it or not, these landscapes are made with 3D software. Pim is a Dutch graphic designer who specialises in digital media and creates abstract pieces with coding.

Quazi Design
Changing the Perception of Recycled Materials

Quazi Design’s artisans create responsible and thoughtful handmade products out of discarded magazines in their Swaziland workshop. Each artisan was previously unemployed and provides for  7 dependants (on average).

Thomas Brand
Landscape & Nature / Digital & Analog

Thomas is a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, and musician with a background in advertising. His keen eye helps him to capture the perfect moment and edit it to as natural and original state as possible.

Natalia Lewandowska
Sweet Recycle: Iris

Natalia is an art director, researcher and designer who knows a thing or two about botany. She found this plywood panel on a small London street  and painted it with the Flagstaff Irises at Kew Gardens.

Earth Day

Natxo Borreda
Highlands Part II

Natxo’s taste for adventure took him on a road trip to the Scottish Highlands (twice!).

Luke Smith
Bed of Nails

This design encourages packaging reuse and reduces waste. Luke aimed to create a sense of value in the packaging, depicting the difficulty of throwing away “old but useful” items.

Kevin Corrado
Between Man and Nature

Kevin is a fine art photographer from Connecticut with backgrounds in graphic design and fine art – his work has been described as a cross between surrealism and lyricism.

Simeon Goodwin
Seaweed Material Design

After intensive experimentation, Simeon designed this fast food tray made of dried seaweed and eco-safe glue. The tray disintegrates after two hours in water.

Justina Smile
Nature Landscapes

Inspired by nature, this photographer specialises in portraiture with a focus on shoot surroundings.

Marta Cernovskaja
Lemuel MC

Marta runs a London-based sustainable fashion brand that supports sustainable, conscientious, slow fashion.

Peter Spencer
Earth Wonders

Peter’s use of light and long exposure emphasises earth’s breathtaking beauty.

Wardesign (Ahmad Wardeh)
Rennova Chair

Ahmad is a creative interior designer on a mission for simplicity and practicality. The Rennova Chair is made from a disused satellite dish.

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