It may come as a surprise, but we’re actually a close-knit team of real people who love creative work and the internet. We, too, scroll and double-tap mindlessly through various social media platforms. We follow each other on Instagram. We love cheeky tweets, clever memes, and the crab emoji. We really love pictures of cats in bow ties (we’re looking at you, Gladstone). 

This month, we’re feeling particularly enthused about animation—stop motion, hand-drawn, 3D, 2D, motion graphics, all of it. In fact, we’re so enthused, we’re launching an open call to animators for a brand-new Zealous Animation! We need a 1-2 minute animated short that shows what we do and why. 

Not only will the winning animator’s work be plastered all over our website and social media platforms, but we’ll put £3,000 in your pocket.

Sound like you? Brilliant. All we need is your showreel and a sense of what you’d make for us (style is totally up to you). Bright and early Monday morning, apply right here. We’ll choose our favourite by the end of August.

In the meantime, check out our team’s favourite animations of the week. (We’re human, we promise. This proves it.)

Kiki’s Delivery Service by Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli)

Why We Love It: “I probably relate to the storyline myself — the girl having no control of having to move to a new place but ends up liking it. And I also like the cat.” —Yukie

The Honey Plot by AUB Animation

Why We Love It: “Fun plot with some serious action, highlighted by beautifully stylised animation. And let’s face it, that bear is seriously awesome.” —Guy

Ellie and Carl by Pixar

Why We Love It: “Pretty generic, but… it just gets me every time.” —Henry

How To Make A Cup Of Tea by Joel Blackledge

Why We Love It: “A short, playful and skilled animation that also has a very important message at its core — specifically, that tea is excellent. As well as the humorous moments in this film — the jumping into the fridge, the disappearing behind the pillow at the end — there are some really lovely shots, such as the milk swirling in the tea, and the colour matching between the teapot and the jumper. Time for a brew.” —Harry

late for meeting by David Lewandowski

Why We Love It: “This is how I imagine those inflatable car dealership things would look if they took human form. Also I think it’s my spirit animal. Lewandowski made the opening title sequence for TRON: LEGACY and directed Friendly Fires and Flying Lotus videos (everybody go watch, he’s extraordinary), but late for meeting made me scream-laugh the first time I saw it.” —Lauren

Thought of You by Ryan Woodward

Why We Love It: “This is a great animation, I love the way the drawing lines move and change, dancing in a perfect rhythm. With a simple style, it is able to say lots of things and be a complicated work. And it is very expressive as well.” —Chema

Remember, apply here if you want a chance at £3,000! The Zealous Animation call opens Monday, August 8.