This week we feature another great Zealous Creative Talent. Introducing Gloria Kurnik!

I’m a Polish filmmaker and visual storyteller currently based in Southeast Asia. Although I’ve been mostly focusing on documentaries, recently I also started experimenting with fiction. I love exploring all culture and anthropology related topics.

How did you end up being a filmmaker and do you enjoy doing what you do?
Actually, I ended up being a filmmaker by chance when I applied for a graphic designer position in Malaysia with a video cover letter. The boss loved the video application so much that he offered me a job in his video department. I quickly became head of production and expanded my team to five people, I learned everything and grew on the job. Then after a while I felt ready to become a freelancer.

Your field is very competitive how do you maintain and improve your knowledge? Is there any online tool you would recommend to creatives like you?
I’m actively searching for opportunities that could help me accelerate my growth and, just recently, I participated in one such event of its kind, a touring film festival called CinemadaMare. We spent 9 weeks, each in 9 different cities, in Italy where we produced at least a film a week. By far it was the most concentrated learning experience I ever had. During this short time I directed 6 films, was a DOP for 20 and wrote 5 screenplays. I also met over 200 young filmmakers from around the world. I found this opportunity on Twitter, so in general if you’re a filmmaker I would recommend using this platform.

How important is for you to collaborate with other creatives across different fields?
For me collaborating with people from different backgrounds and countries is crucial as you’re gaining invaluable perspectives that you would never see otherwise. Finding people to collaborate (not for money) is one of the biggest challenges in this industry, especially if you don’t have a well-established network. That’s why the events like CinemadaMare or platforms like Movidiam or Zealous are so important, they give you a point where you can start expanding your horizons, meeting people and bouncing some ideas off.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Unfortunately, my freelancing job is highly unpredictable. I can barely imagine where I will be in the next few months. I could certainly say that I want to make more and more short documentaries while traveling the world, probably even a feature. And what comes to me as a slight surprise, I want to continue working on fiction films.

How do you think your creative sector will look like in 5 years time?
If it comes to the film industry, I’m probably not the right person to ask. But certainly the distribution model is shifting, so hopefully we will see more and more short films making some money. I also hope that the documentaries will become more and more interactive, and will be able to influence some real change in much higher numbers.

Where are you based now?
I’m mostly based in Kuala Lumpur but I shoot all around Southeast Asia. It’s a really vibrant place for filmmaking, especially if you’re interested in documentaries. It feels like you can never run out of topics.

Thank you Gloria!

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