Interface 2016

Kicking Off Interface 2016

Image by Sun & Moon.

Today’s the day! INTERFACE 2016 is in full swing – a chance for small businesses west of London to connect with the UK’s most influential creative organisations.

After a successful collaboration in 2015, Shakespeare’s Globe approached Zealous for a second consecutive year of INTERFACE, a free digital / cultural networking event between emerging digital startups and the UK’s top 10 cultural powerhouses (including BAFTA, BFI, the Royal Opera House and more). We were so pleased to work with the Globe on a second INTERFACE event – we relish working with organisations that share our passion for building creative connections and nourishing the creative ecosystem.

This fall, Zealous sourced a graphic designer and 32 digital companies from Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Swindon, and the Greater Berkshire Area. They range in speciality from web / graphic design and film production to animation, communication strategy, and virtual reality. Today, these companies will connect with the UK’s top 10 cultural institutions in tailored one-to-one networking sessions. Designer Louise O’Brien, who was selected from a group of 20 designers in the same local area, developed the stunning visual identity for INTERFACE 2016.

“We are incredibly grateful to Zealous for making our searching and selection process so simple and straightforward for both our designer and digital partners. Our INTERFACE event is all about discovering regional talent and the ability to narrow the search and highlight the most relevant past projects really streamlined the entire process. We look forward to working with both Zealous and our newly discovered partners again.”

—Ryo Tabusa, Globe Education Digital Coordinator

Our team is thrilled for the Globe and all participating organisations and businesses – can’t wait to see new relationships, collaborations, and ideas spring out of INTERFACE 2016!

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