International Women's Day Zealous

14 Zealous Artists on International Women’s Day

Image by Katie Miller.

What a week! International Women’s Day flooded our channels with inspiring, arresting work by women all over the world. Whether by oil paintings or protest pickets, female artists are taking society by the shoulders and shaking until we come to our senses. We’re honoured to play a role in a creative ecosystem that supports and empowers female artists – their innovation and creativity not only fuel progressive movements, but empower other women to proclaim equality and justice wherever they are. As you head into the weekend and Million Women March, we’ll send you off with 14 astounding women on Zealous – hailing from New Delhi to Santa Monica, these artists challenge themselves, their audience, and their communities to see women (and their work) in a brand new light.

New Delhi, India

Vartika Singh

Contemporary artist focusing mainly on female figurative abstract portraiture.

International Women's Day Zealous
International Women's Day Zealous

Parktown, USA

Katie Miller

American visual artist best known for her colourful, hyper-realistic oil paintings.

London, UK

Annemarieke Kloosterhof

Dutch paper artist and illustrator working and living in London.

International Women's Day Zealous
International Women's Day Zealous

Bournemouth, UK

Chloe Alice Hayes

Photographer who explores and applies unconventional techniques to produce peculiar and unique images.

Los Angeles, USA

Christin Turner

Filmmaker and visual artist who draws inspiration from the history of experimental film and animation.

International Women's Day Zealous

Glasgow, UK

Gabriela Marcella

A graphic artist who adorns objects & surfaces with colour and playful pattern.

Blackburn, UK

Alexandra Gallagher

Award-winning visual artist whose work celebrates the surreal and bizarre.

Caen, France

Raphaëlle Latini (Group Entorse)

A dancer, graphic designer, protean artist, videographer and set designer who uses turntables and acoustic materials to create soundscapes for live performance.

Florida, USA

Natalie Dunham

Installation artist and sculptor.

London, UK

Gillian Hyland

Fine art photographer who presents supernatural staged images as film stills or dramatic moments in time.

Seaton, UK

Margarita Leonore Gobel

Visual designer and filmmaker working with all sorts of handmade dreams & beings of clay and silicone.

Santa Monica, USA

Gisele A. Lubsen

Photographer specialising in ethereal underwater images.

Falmouth, UK

Ana Jaks

Illustrator with a focus on bright colours and bold shapes.

London, UK

Aphra Shemza

Visual artist who works with multi-media, light art, kinetic sculpture and interactive installation.

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