This weekend, Pride comes to London, and given the devastating recent events in Orlando it’s sure to be a uniquely poignant affair. The outpouring of support for the LGBTQ+ community from the world in the wake of the attack on the Pulse nightclub has been incredibly moving, as has the firm assertion that no matter what happens, love will always win.

Pride is a weekend celebrating creativity, artistry, political activism and the huge diversity within the LGBTQ+ community. We’re joining in by highlighting some of the excellent LGBTQ+ artists on our site.

Tiu Makkonen – As We Are

Edinburgh / Helsinki based photographer Tiu has a real eye for capturing the heart of her subjects with her warm, intimate portrait photography. This series combines casual, intimate shots in domestic settings with stories of coming out, self-acceptance, and empowerment.

Diogo Duarte – Unconscious Commands and Judgements of our Century

A much different photography project this time from Portuguese artist Diogo Duarte, but one that too deals with notions of identity and gender roles. This self-portrait project tells the story of Diogo growing up as a gay child in Portugal in the 90s, and the effects that has had on how he perceives himself today.

Francesc Serra Villa – Rainbow

The rainbow image so closely associated with Pride is centre stage in this immersive installation. Participants enter a small box and manipulate a lever which moves coloured light around them, causing their silhouette to be cast on the outside with the ever-changing colours swirling around them.  

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