We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Propercorn for Zealous X. Propercorn is the wildly popular, incredibly successful company started by Cassandra Stavrou and her best friend Ryan in her kitchen in October 2011. In just 4 years, the company has grown to employ 30 people and export to six countries in Europe, all while remaining committed to maintaining a high standard of healthiness for their product. They only use the best, natural ingredients to create a tasty, gluten-free, guilt-free snack.

While Zealous X has yet to showcase culinary arts, we have to acknowledge the artistic and creative work that goes into the production of Propercorn.

All of the art for their bags of popcorn and all of the merchandise and clothing is hand illustrated. They are truly supportive to independent artists, and fit Zealous’ mission goal to provide opportunities to artists.

In fact, earlier this year they held a very successful design competition for students across the country. Cassandra even frequents as a mentor for young entrepreneurs. Their website offers information about how to connect with the team, and information about collaborative positions available for photographers, illustrators, and pattern artists.

We are thrilled to welcome Propercorn as a partner for Zealous X, and, perhaps at the next Zealous X, we can have their product entered as art, and open up to culinary arts.