Preparations are under way for Zealous X! We’re excited at showcasing 106 creatives in January across 7 fields at the Richmix in London. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be profiling a bit about each finalist every day so you’ll be able to get acquainted before the event kicks off.

Let’s have a look at the designers

Bobbi Rea Gastall

An illustrator, designer and a multi disciplinary art maker with a passion for all things printed. Usually found with a face in her sketchbook or whipping up designs in Photoshop; obsessing over abstraction of the human form, and life’s recurring motifs that keep us all kind of sane. Home, nature, friends and equally, solitude are the key drivers that evoke her creative and highly illustrative responses.

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Annie Li

Annie Li is an award-winning jewellery designer and maker, based in Shropshire. Since studying at the School of Jewellery she has married traditional bench techniques with new technology to create unique pieces of adornment, which comprise of modern aesthetics and a touch of her oriental roots.

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Esther Ellard

I am a graduate from BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins. I am interested in both graphic design and art and the blurred line between them. I work in numerous ways with a variety of materials, but what informs all of it is an interest in formal elements (colour, shape, space), popular culture, quiet or unnoticed moments or things, incompleteness and a desire to imply something ‘bigger’ than the work itself. It is important for me that my work can operate in many different environments and be appreciated on many different levels.

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