Preparations are under way for Zealous X! We’re excited at showcasing 106 creatives in January across 7 fields at the Richmix in London. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be profiling a bit about each finalist every day so you’ll be able to get acquainted before the event kicks off.

Here are some of our interactive and gaming artists and developers

Robin Baumgarten

Robin Baumgarten is a German Indie game developer based in London, UK. He’s a serial game jammer who is working on various mobile games.

Check out his work on Zealous here

Mark Backler

Game developer based in Ipswich, he has worked for companies such as EA and Lionhead, he has worked on games like Fable 2 & Harry Potter OOTP.

Check out his work on Zealous here

Matilda Skelton Mace

Matilda Skelton Mace is an artist and designer working with computer coding and light

Check out the rest of her Zealous profile here.

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