Preparations are under way for Zealous X! We’re excited at showcasing 106 creatives in January across 7 fields at the Richmix in London. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be profiling a bit about each finalist every day so you’ll be able to get acquainted before the event kicks off.

Here are some of our interactive and gaming artists and developers


David Canela (CinnoMan) is a hispano-helvetic game designer based in Basel, Switzerland. He started out as a law professional, then decided to change careers and switch from applying the rules of society to designing more entertaining game rules. MODSORK is currently a full-time project, but he also freelances creating music and sound for games as well as doing game design-related work.

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Henry Hoffman

Henry Hoffman is a BAFTA-winning games developer, having project-led the Microsoft-published game Mush, worked on indie-hit Q.U.B.E. and developed million-plus-downloaded Mortar Melon. His most recent foray into virtual reality Aboard The Lookinglass won first-place in the IndieCade 3DJam and has been exhibited in the New York Museum of Moving Image. In his spare time, Henry enjoys taking part in game jams, with his entries winning accolades in contests run by Microsoft, Develop, GitHub, IndieCade and Tiga to name a few.

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Axel Bluhme

Alex is a designer primarily interested in the space between software and hardware. He has a background in industrial design from Sweden and currently studying at the royal college of art in London — where his work focuses on object mediated interaction. Alex works to create solutions that emphasise behaviour, user experiences and that leave room for self-expression.

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