Preparations are under way for Zealous X! We’re excited at showcasing 106 creatives in January across 7 fields at the Richmix in London. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be profiling a bit about each finalist every day so you’ll be able to get acquainted before the event kicks off.

Here are some of our visual artists

Teresa Byrne

An artist interested in the properties of materials. She has been exploring how the materiality and provenance of media combine to become the identity of an object.

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Fernando M.Romero

Fernando M. Romero is a visual artist working mainly on the fields of painting, photography and site-specific installations. Romero graduates with an MFA from The University of Granada, Spain.

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Lili Phelouzat

Lili Phelouzat is a visual artist living in London, specialising in acrylic painting. Her style is sharp, bold, organic and geometric.

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