Meet Jonathan Harris, Aphra Shemza, and Francesc Serra Villa

Preparations are under way for Zealous X! We’re excited at showcasing 106 creatives in January across 7 fields at the Richmix in London. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be profiling a bit about each finalist every day so you’ll be able to get acquainted before the event kicks off.

Here are some of our visual artists

Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris, born 1993, graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2015. His work centres around simulation and mixed realities through the use of objects. Geometric forms build the constitution within his work where he makes references to the minimalist aesthetic of geometric furniture to provide scope for abstraction when used in digital animation. The spontaneous nature about his work is reflected in the unknowingness of how the physical can be interpreted into the virtual.

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Aphra Shemza

Aphra Shemza is a London based artist who works with multi-media, light art, kinetic sculpture and interactive installation. Her work focuses on abstract, geometric and scientific research and often involves technology to translate these concepts to an audience. The way in which the viewer responds to the work is key to how it is produced; it is their interactivity with her art that makes the pieces come to life, allowing the viewers to become an active spectators.

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Francesc Serra Villa

London based artist, I mainly develop installations that focus on the role of the visitor and their immersive experience, the importance of the site where the installations are located and the permanent transformation of these structures (modified by performers, visitors, the surrounding or the structure itself). Since 2013, I have presented installations, on my own or in collaboration with dancers, sound and lighting desingers, in Brussels, Cardiff, London and Barcelona.

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