Zealous was featured in Forbes, where CEO Guy Armitage speaks of the rise of the creative economy and the reason for Zealous.

“Creatives often work alone or as smaller groups or they are contracted out. They don’t have access to current platforms which themselves are fragmented and this forces users to move from space to space to space to showcase different aspects of their creativity,” adds Armitage.

Fragmentation makes it difficult for creatives to find each other, identify opportunities for their skill set in other industries (an architect could do work in set design) and keep their audience updated in one place.

Zealous is more than collaboration. Armitage believes the platform will unify creativity by giving creatives the ability to share their work across all fields and building their credibility in one place, not across multiple fragmented platforms.

This unification, gives creatives access to more experienced collaborators, a greater chance to raise capital through crowd funding platforms and a space to build their audience around their own personal brand (and share their audience with their collaborators, making the consumption of media much more organic).

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