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6 Must-See Sites to List Your Open Calls

Image by Austen Scott.

Gone are the days of bulletin boards, classifieds and snail-mail newsletters — if you need creative talent for your Open Calls, you’ve got to head online! The Internet’s a big place, and it’s easy to bite off more than we can chew and get stuck for hours in Google or Gumtree. No more! There are plenty of reputable creative platforms that are ready to list and promote your open calls! Here are six we’re most keen on. Happy hunting!

1. Twine

TwineA collaboration-focused freelance network that reaches way beyond geographical boundaries. Setting up a call is quick and to the point: simply add a brief opportunity description and your group’s information! The Twine team is committed to its userbase and a policy of 0 spec work or contests.

2. ISendYouThis

ISendYouThisSimple, to-the-point setup. Lock in to a network of 8,000 artists for free! Listing open calls is concise and easy to use. ISendYouThis includes a great spread of opportunities! Only downside is that open calls’ listings mimic plain job listings (no images).

3. TransArtists

TransArtists: This platform not only offers open calls opportunities, but insights for artist programmes and other global opportunities for creatives! TransArtists focuses on creative professionals who want to temporarily stay or work elsewhere! Publish calls for artists or studio spaces, free! Simple form with a global reach. Great for those artists with wanderlust.

4. Zealous

Zealous(We couldn’t resist!) Tap into the creative excellence of 10,000+ artists through Zealous. List your open call, competition, exhibition, festival, or creative job, tailoring the talent you’re seeking by location and speciality. Let us do the legwork! Focus on making your open call a success while we source exciting creative talent for your programme.

5. Arts Thread

ArtsThread: A creative graduate site that bridges the gap between education and creative industries. Access portfolios of talented graduates and a 30,000-member mailing list. This platform is interactive, really cool, plus they liaise with global brands! Only downside: posting a job is $275 (about £216) per post.

6. ArtRabbit

ArtRabbit: A platform for international contemporary art exhibitions and events. ArtRabbit connects thousands of art spaces, exhibitions and events to artists, art professionals, collectors, and students. They represent over 6,000 art venues in 60 countries! Perfect for exhibition  or festival-focused open calls.

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