Pictures taken at Zealous X

It’s been everywhere lately. From top publicists to notifications on social media the term audience engagement seems to be creeping in every aspect of our lives. It’s in the newspaper, on your smartphone apps and if you happen to work in Media, it’s in your Work-Bible too.

The third day of Zealous X’s talks sheds a light on strategies, approaches and challenges you may come across when trying to Engage your audience, through a series of panel discussions, keynote speeches, informal chats and networking opportunities.

Strategies to achieve the best communication possible with your audience and its forever changing behaviours are presented by experts at the Rules of Engagement panel discussion. Hosted by Tersea Potocka (Founder & CEO, The Potocki Communications Company) the talk features James Walker (Head of Marketing, Channel 4), Jeremy Waite (Head of Digital Strategy, Salesforce) and Dominic Haddock (Creative Director, OperaUpClose).

Would it be possible to move from generic to specific when it comes to communication? Are bespoke communication services and individualization strategies as effective as they claim to be? This Time It’s Personal! And all these questions will be answered during the panel discussion featuring Antony Robbins (Director of Communications, Museum of London) and Jon Little (Product Manager, Kew Gardens) as guest speakers.

The burning question that artists and Audience Engagement Designers face before they even start thinking of communication strategies, unique followers or twitter hashtags is this one: Who? Do they know who their audience is? How do they ensure everyone is included and has access? A diverse workforce leads to a diverse audience A Richer Creative Future panel discusses with Anne Morrison (Chair, BAFTA), Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway (Founder, Artistic Directors of the Future) and Ian Ritchie (Artistic Director, The Musical Brain).

How do puppets and manipulated objects for the theatre grab our attention and become beloved personalities? Expert Mervyn Millar (Director, Significant Objects / Creative Associate, War Horse) presents a fascinating world for us to explore in a unique keynote speech.

The day is completed with the screenings of two award winning short films which are positive examples of audience engagement. The music video Volta by Shiny and the short film Homey by Ben Garfield.

Check them out on Wednesday 13 January! Book your place now, tickets are selling fast! You can buy a Day Talk ticket for only £29. Don’t forget to check our programme of gigs, performances and industry talks starting at £8 🙂