Today we introduce you to our awesome in house UI/UX designer, Chema Martinez.

In June 2015 Zealous launched an open call for entries to recruit a full time designer for Zealous. Chema was the winner and started working with us in July. Here are some of his nuggets of design advice.

If you are a designer and wish to showcase your talent in London, then submit your project to Zealous X, our incredible creative festival.

My name is Chema. I’m Spanish, originally from Valencia and I am a UI/UX designer.

My main responsibility at Zealous is to look after our websites, Zealous X & Zealous . As Zealous showcases the best creative talents across multiple disciplines, I want to make sure our websites are creative as much as the talents we have on our platform! And of course I want to make your journey on our platform as easy and comfortable as possible.

It is difficult to have amazing ideas at all the time, so I try to do some research every day. I do a minimum of one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, on top of this, I look at all the interesting things my team share with me during the day, we have an awesome channel called Procrastination!

Today I am going to recommend you my top 5 websites where I try to find inspiration for web design, please do share yours with me, as I would love to discover new amazing websites.

In my opinion this is the perfect place to find new amazing websites and to see what people think about them. Thanks to their scoring system you will know user’s feedback about the design, usability, content and creativity, giving you an idea about what makes the average score of the website to be high or low.

Webdesign inspiration
I am not sure how I discovered this site, but It become a handy tool for my research. I check this platform when there are some problems I have to fix quickly. The thing I like the most is that you can filter by industry, type, style or color.

A friend of mine introduced me to Abduzeedo in 2008, since then I have checked the site daily because it has plenty of articles related to creativity, content divided into categories such photography, illustration, design, typography and so much more.

Creative Bloq
In the past I didn’t check this site too regularly, but recently, I have realised that some of the most interesting articles I have read about web design trends, inspiration and others, are usually from there. You can find a design inspiration, tips, freebies, features and more.

I am a member of Behance and I like to spend some time everyday to discover what the creatives I follow are up to, on the site I always find really nice work from different fields.

I came across Zealous through Twitter a year ago and decided to sign up and showcase my portfolio on it. I like the site very much as I was able to discover great work from creatives all over the world, but also I was able to find paid opportunities and that’s how I got my job! At Zealous they were looking for a designer and I thought that was a great opportunity for me, being a creative for a creative company, what do you want more!

I hope you find this list interesting and please share your design tips with me, I looking forward to know which websites you use for your daily dose of inspiration!