Pictures taken at Zealous X

With three panel discussions, an exciting keynote, two short films and loads of networking and synergy opportunities, the second day of Zealous X’s talks is providing you all technology enthusiast attendees with the essential tools to Evolve in the brave new digital world.

We are all aware that the technological innovations that have been achieved within the last two decades have contributed significantly in Reinventing The Arts. How deep does our knowledge go, though? Which are the opportunities and challenges that artists and organisations face? Can our smartphone ever become an arts platform? Hosted by Guy Armitage (CEO, Zealous) with Anthony Lilley OBE (CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Magic Lantern Productions) and Tom Szirtes (Creative Technologist, Mbryonic) the panel offers answers to all the above questions and one or two more you are thinking right now!

Artistic originality finished when the command CTR+C was invented, some argue. Multiple copies of similar works of art have flooded galleries and institutes worldwide which could become worrying in the era of 3d printers. Do you know how protected your works are? The Intellectual Property 2.0 panel offers valuable information and advice on the best tested practices. It is hosted by Shainul Kassam (Founder, Fortune Law) and includes Ros Lynch (Copyright and IP Enforcement Director, IPO) and Silvia Baumgart (Programme Manager, Own-It (UAL)) as speakers.

It can’t be that all bad news though. All these new inventions and achievements surely have something to offer to the artistic community, the panel discussion The Birth of New Mediums fights back. Hosted by Josh McNorton (Project Manager, FutureFest) with Clarence Adoo MBE (Musician, Paralympic Orchestra) and Sebastian Burdon (Artist, Animator & Digital Sculptor) the discussion restores the faith in technology showing the all the new ways of creative expression it can encourage.

Digital Experience pioneers Tommy Howard (Lead Creative, Holition) and Marcus Belcher (Lead Graphics & Web Software Engineer, Holition) take all these potentials one step further. In their keynote speech Surprise and Delight, they present how they use creative digital solutions to connect technological innovations with retail market.

The short film programme of the day includes Turbulence in the Chamber by Matt Parker an exploration of the inner workings of the Cloud which reveals how claustrophobic a data centre can look like. Also, the stop motion film Clock Piano by Anthony Leigh which narrates the story of an alcoholic piano tuner whose employee feeds of his vulnerability.

Analogue networking and synergy opportunities are always on tap accompanying tea and coffee breaks available throughout the day!

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