Exploring Alternative Learning Methods for Creatives

Hosted by Akua Obeng-Frimpong (Head of Business Development, Zealous) this talk on alternative learning includes insights by Oliver Morris (Director of Education & Skills, UK Music), Sarah McLoughlin (Learning Development & Strategy Manager, Makerversity) and Zoheb Iqbal (Community Organiser, Startup Weekend) on how to use all available tools to kick-start individuality in creatives.

Expansion of the school curriculum to include arts and digital technology as a means to reverse stale “single minded” academic expectations was proposed by the panel as a solution to the gap between traditional education structures and current industry needs. Linking a lack of formal education skills with absence of skill or talent would be a misnomer, the whole panel agreed, and concluded that education facilities, employers and formal structures should all gear towards “kick-starting individuality”. Luckily, through various alternative learning methods, this is more than possible.

Zealous X Talks Day 5: Alternative Learning

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