Happy International Photo Day from the Zealous team!

How to Be Featured

Be a featured Zealous Artist—let your work do the talking.

We’re always on the lookout for new eye-catching work to feature on the Zealous homepage and blog!

Want to be noticed? Here are some quick and easy tips to get started:

How to Get Featured on the Zealous Homepage
  1. Create a Zealous profile (don’t forget your profile picture, short bio, and website!)
  2. Fill your portfolio with your latest & greatest work
  3. Keep your portfolio updated
  4. Apply for open calls and competitions
  5. Like / support other Zealous artists by favouriting (“hearting”) their work

(Hint: Does your portfolio look like this? We’ll definitely notice you.)

As a featured artist, your creative portfolio will be front-and-centre on our homepage, blog, and social media. We’ll showcase your latest & greatest work on our homepage and direct visitors to your creative portfolio. It’s the perfect way to let the creative work come to you.

How We Can Help
  • Homepage: We’ll showcase your latest and greatest work on the Zealous homepage, directing #### unique montly visitors directly to your creative portfolio!
  • Blog: Whether through interview or editorial feature, we’ll share the behind-the-scenes of what makes you tick on the Zealous blog.
  • Social Media: Our Twitter and Facebook followers will be in-the-know about you—our favourite artists.
Why It Matters to You
  • Maximise your time making, not hunting for opportunities (we’ll do that for you!)
  • Build exposure and contacts with the organisations and businesses that run festivals, exhibitions, and open calls
  • Be seen by 10,000+ other Zealous creatives who can save your work as an inspiration or a future collaboration!