Its not news that blogs are a great marketing tool. More and more creatives are taking advantage of blogs to promote their projects and expertise, but what does this mean for bloggers? Well, it means competition time! If you do a quick search online you’ll see an impressive number of active blogs. Whether you are an artist, a filmmaker, a musician or a writer, you should definitely have a blog and share with everyone your awesome projects, so let’s check out together what we must keep in mind when writing a blog post.

Be Original: The first and most important secret of all is to provide your audience with original content – Always! Your audience won’t want something that has already appeared online, it’s hard to get the reader’s attention without a good hook.

Show your passion: An easy way to create original content is to write about something you love, this will bring out the passion in your writing. Let’s say that you’re an artist, then talk about your creative field, emerging trends, museums and galleries exhibitions you like, recommend shows and fellow artists, finally write about peers you admire, bottom line: share your creative appetite with your followers.

Offer valuable and creative content: Provide your readers with content that interests them, offer real value to their online journey. I know this might sound pedantic to you but if you don’t provide original content your audience really wants, your blog will never kick off. Try to focus on one (or few) specialist topics, blog about what you know best. By doing that, you will find your own niche. Understand your followers and target them with creative content that truly speaks to them.

Market your blog: Now you are blogging about something you love, sharing your real interests with your readers, finally providing your followers with creative content, so what do you need to do now? Let’s get the word out there! Unfortunately, you can’t start a blog and hope that people will find you without any marketing effort.

Hold on; don’t get scared, there are a range of ways and free tools for you to market your blog. First of all do your research and discover great blogs, get in touch with other bloggers by leaving constructive comments on their blog posts, exchange ideas!

Remember always to encourage interaction, ask your followers to add comments on your blog posts and ask for feedback. Make the most of free tools such as search engines and write about topics that are popular in the searches. Get your SEO right. My advice here? Always be polite. Real life rules apply also in the cyber space!

Keep it regular: These days blogs are acting like online magazines; therefore fresh content is a must. Try and keep your blog updated with a minimum of two articles per week. It will be great if you could post a new article every day, especially if SEO is one of your key priorities. What happens if you go on holiday? Don’t panic, there are a variety of scheduling tools so you can post articles automatically while you’re away from your desk, enjoy the sunshine!

Spell checking and proof-reading: Last thing, before you press the “publish” button, check your spelling and proof-read your article several times. Bad grammar is our enemy! This doesn’t help you build credibility among your readers and it has a negative impact on your SEO as the search engines don’t get along with poor copy. So always make sure you double-check everything before you publish your articles.

Hope this will help you, feel free to get in touch and leave your comments below if you have any questions.