Image by Katie Pankowski.

We could all use a little more balance. Yin and yang, harmony. All that jazz.

Point is, taking a breath isn’t easy for most of us. Relaxing doesn’t come naturally – but apply some simple feng shui principles to your studio (or your brain) and you’ll be surprised by the change. It’s not just hocus-pocus or rearranging furniture – finding balance can radically affect your daily life, your well-being, and your craft.

We’re not aiming for serenity or perfected interior design – just the ideal physical and mental space for you.

Make space for what doesn’t exist yet

Don’t get stuck in a rut! It’s easy to feel discouraged or trapped when projects drag on. Revive your perspective and your space by displaying representations of your successful projects – whether a handwritten note from a happy client, a piece you’re especially proud of, or a card from your mum. Exhibit the things that encourage and motivate you.

Find Your Balance

We all work differently – some stay up late, others rise early (a chosen few do both). We’ll be honest, a lot of this process is trial and error. Define your rhythm through repetition (just do the work), progression (make small adjustments in different ways, test which you prefer), and contrast (see how you did). Adjust one part of your day to complement another (for example, take some time out of activity A to make more room for activity B).  Check your body clock and decide what times of day are your most productive / inspired (anyone else out there an Extreme Lark?).

Freshen Up!

Need fresh energy? Open a window, fill your studio with plants, invest in a white noise maker like a fan (or just use this app). You can also reinvigorate your space (and your morale!) with a quick de-clutter session. Whether emptying your mind of self-defeating thoughts or that junk drawer full of dead pens and loose change, a quick sweep will boost your energy flow.  Focus on items you don’t need or use. Your brain will thank you.

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