Empowering artists through video podcasts, coffee and pastries…

There’s a real spring in our step this week. It’s lighter in the morning, the rain has abated (for now), and the new coffee shop by Zealous HQ is keeping us fully stocked with caffeine and croissants so we can focus on the important tasks at hand – empowering our artists to keep doing what they do best: making art.

We want you to be inspired, and that’s why we’re asking you to subscribe to our YouTube channel – from 11 April we’ll be releasing the first of our weekly Zealous X Talks. Leading experts from the likes of BAFTA, Arts Council, and more, talking in depth on topics such as alternative methods of funding for your creative projects, how to make use of technology in the arts, and how public space is used to promote creativity.

In the meantime, you can already view our teaser videos. Kim Evans, chair of Clean Break theatre company talks about why storytelling is so necessary in the modern world, Clarence Abdoo MBE asks whether the UK does enough to promote inclusiveness in the arts, and Jeremy Waite, head of digital strategy at Salesforce, talks about how to engage your audience on a small budget. And plenty more besides.

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We’re off to get more croissants before they sell out!
From The Zealous Team

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