A jam-packed May update: it’s been a crazy year, and we’re not even halfway through! As Zealous races towards 10,000 users, more opportunities listed than ever before, and some seriously tasty site upgrades. We thought it was time to share the exciting things happening at Zealous (with a few spoilers of future plans thrown in for good measure!)

We won’t rest until each one of you is found/finds the perfect creative talent. Here’s to the next 6 months!

10,000+ experienced Zealous X!

The results are in, more than 10,000+ people came through Rich Mix to experience the incredible insights from our talks and the many works sourced directly on our platform. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it, you can catch up on all insights on our YouTube channel, and the artists showcased here.

Emerging Talent Prize

We’re thrilled to introduce our new £1,000 prize celebrating the best emerging visual artists in the UK. Get ready to show us your best work for a chance to win the money and have your work seen by an exciting panel of judges.

Calling out talent has never been so easy

Need to do a call out for a massive festivals, or looking for a collaborator for a creative project? Its now simpler than ever to take, judge and confirm submissions from one place. We’ll take care of the messy admin, allowing you to focus on what matters most, driving submissions, choosing the right person and creating something amazing.

Tailored Recommendation

Every minute of your time counts. That’s why in the last month we’ve completely transformed the way we’ll be communicating with you; sending you tailored opportunities matching your portfolios. Just make sure your portfolio is up-to-date and tagged with the right roles and we’ll do the rest!

Coming to Zealous next

More Payment Options

Submit with all major credit cards straight from within Zealous without going through Paypal; whilst retaining.

Improved Profiles

Show clients the projects that matter filtered on a specific role; yet have all your creative projects in one place.

Upgraded Uploader

Save time by linking your profile to other networks, manage your content and make those projects shine

Automatic Pay-outs

Organising a paid call; see the money you’ve raised in real-time and have complete control over our automated payouts.

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