We’re all for a “Summer of Love” here at Zealous and that’s exactly what you’ll get this quarter.

Besides pushing to list quality opportunities on the platform now that we’re live, our development is laser focussed on making ‘creating’ and ‘submitting’ to opportunities as simple as possible. This includes easier discovery of talent, making your profiles as good looking as possible and keeping track of those you’ve collaborated with.

Here’s a quick tease on what you can expect very soon:

For our Creatives

Improved Alerts & Home Page
Be welcomed with the status of all the opportunities you’ve submitted to, get tips on improving your profile for maximum exposure and get recommendations on the best opportunities available to you based on the projects you’ve already uploaded.

Revamped Profiles
Be seen like never before with a complete redesign of your profile, projects and collaborations, in line with cutting-edge design and mobile compatibility.

For our Clients

Even Simpler Creations of Opportunities
We’ve already let a select few list their calls on Zealous, but we’re not there yet! The next version will streamline your entire submissions cycle like never before, from the moment you list your call to informing the finalists – with all the bells and whistles of inviting external judges, choosing your timelines and accessing the talent that matters, effortlessly.

List you Opportunities and take Submissions elsewhere
If you would rather take submissions on another platform, such as your own, we’ve got you covered. List your opportunity on Zealous without taking submissions and maximise the exposure to your opportunity.

Much more Dashboard
Measure the submissions to your opportunity in real-time, see where improvements can be made in the submissions cycle to guarantee maximum submissions, be updated with judging process and check on how much money you’ve raised on your call (if you’re charging) on from one unique screen.

We can’t wait for you to see all that’s available on Zealous –  there’s never been a better time to join!