Zealous Visual Art Prize 2016

We’re excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Zealous Visual Art Prize (for BA and MA students graduating in 2016!). The £1000 prize will go to one exceptional artist to help them sustain their artistic practice, and continue doing what they’re best at.

As well as the cash prize and the exposure the Zealous Visual Art Prize provides, this is also a great opportunity to get your work in front of some high profile judges from across the art world.

Anna McNay: Anna is arts editor at DIVA Magazine and deputy editor at State Media. She has also written for The Guardian, the Mail on Sunday, Complex, Art Zip, and more.

Marcelle Joseph: Marcelle is an independent curator and author who in 2011 set up the Marcelle Joseph Projects, a roving curatorial program  that stages four to five exhibitions each year, highlighting everyone from established to emerging artists.

Ludovica Gioscia: Ludovica is an exciting visual artist hailing from Italy, now based in London. Her work has been showcased all over the world, notably at the Jerwood space, London; The Warhol, Pittsburgh; Fundació Miró, Barcelona; and MACRO, Rome.

Zhoe Granger: Zhoe is the co-director of Arcadia Missa, a contemporary art gallery and publisher based in London. Arcadia Missa has also staged exhibitions in Brussels, Turin, Sydney, Oslo, and more.

Georgia Griffiths: Georgia is the Group Fair Manager at PHOTOFAIRS, a series of international art fairs dedicated to photography. Prior to that, she has been involved in art fairs in London, Istanbul, and Hong Kong.

The thing people sometimes forget about art and the creative industries is this: it’s hard work. It’s damn hard work. Getting an idea, honing it, perfecting it, executing it – it’s not only a physical exertion, but a mental one too. Art isn’t a product of creative flights of fancy, it’s a product of time spent, and we think people deserve to be rewarded for that.

Also, we know how hard it is to break into the creative industries. Studying is just one part of that, and once that’s over, it’s natural to want to take stock, or plan your next move. This prize could be your next move, and could help you climb the next rung in the ladder of whatever industry you’re looking to go into.

Mostly though, we just can’t wait to see what talent is out there, what work is being created. We’ll be scouring the UK for entrants across all the visual arts, fully confident that we’ll find someone who’s going to take our breath away.

All that remains to be said is: good luck!

Zealous matches creative talent with opportunity