This Thursday the 5th, we will be announcing the winning artists whose work will be featured at the 2016 Zealous X Festival. We were amazed by the quality of all of the submissions we received, and the judges have had a difficult time narrowing the selection down to only 105 artists.

Looking at the final selections though, we are confident that you will be as impressed with the selections as we are.
Some of our judges have contacted us raving about how much they enjoyed their judging experience, as well as how much the overwhelming quality of all of your submissions impressed them.

“Wow there is a lot of talent here!! it is so hard to decide” Anuar Patjane

We would like to once again thank everyone who submitted their work to Zealous X and reaffirm how difficult of a choice this has been for all of our judges. On Thursday when the list is announced, we are confident that you will understand why we have been amazed by your submissions, and hopefully you will share our excitement for the festival!