Eleven Animations That Make Us Happy

Image by Rory Cahill.

This is the era of video content. You can’t get through your inbox or social media feeds without zipping past moving, as well as still, images—rightfully so! Video content—animations included—drives stronger engagement and interest, whether to your business or personal brand. From short films and gifs to commercial adverts, animations provide unique visual interpretations of stories, products, and ideas. This is the way of the future. Sound good but not sure where to start? Check out the Zealous animators below (we’re obsessed!).

Joanna Hepworth
Bristol, UK

Kijek Adamski
Warsaw, Poland

Ginevra Boni
London, UK

Natalie Adkins
Bexleyheath, UK

Siebe Janssen & Erwin Bijlsma
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paddy Garrigan
Leeds, UK

Carine Khalife

Christine Hooper
London, UK

Jade Wu
Berlin, Germany

Jenny Harrington
Bristol, UK

Adriano Vessichelli
London, UK

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