Hear My Cry

Zealous Amplify: Mental Health and Wellbeing 2nd place winner Jennifer Louise Martin is a visual multi-disciplinary artist from London. As well as creating collages using magazine cuttings and her own photography as her source material to inform her large-scale mixed media paintings, Jennifer has moved in to moving image to explore the narratives in her paintings.


Just Do It

Zealous Amplify: Mental Health and Wellbeing 1st Place Winner Adri São Bento is a Portuguese deaf interdisciplinary artist working with a variety of media including video, performance and sculpture. Adri describes their work as coming from their “experience as a crip and queer person and resorts to empathy-building strategies and interactive experiences to contribute to a more inclusive and healthier environment. It reflects on the structures shaping the contemporary world to raise awareness about the impossibility to be totally inside the norm”.