We published 10 of you in the press

We published 10 of you in the press

You guys make fantastic work, and it deserves to be seen! That’s why we launched the ‘Meet Series’, a campaign to empower emerging artists by publishing their work in print. In total, Zealous partnered with 7 major publications, seeing 1800 submissions whittled down to 10 finalists by industry expert judges across 7 separate open calls.

And now it’s over, we’d like to champion those 10 featured artists all in one place. Enjoy the artwork from our winning finalists and discover what makes them tick in our exclusive interviews…

Tiago Galo

Meet Tiago, a Portuguese artist who finds the extraordinary in the ordinary.

His perspective is horribly consistent—bizarre, yet familiar. This illustrator-turned-architect-turned-illustrator-again captures life’s precious, simple moments and immortalises them as prints of high-contrast, endearing giants—shopping for fruit, cycling, grilling sausages, riding around in a shopping trolley.

Tiago’s piece, ‘Wasted’ (right), was featured in Creative Review Magazine’s January edition. Read Tiago’s Interview.

Carla Cometto

Meet Carla, talented photographer and globetrotter.

Her sense of adventure and total fearlessness caught our eye immediately, and her ability to capture life’s biggest moments cannot be missed.

Carla’s shot, ‘Unchartered’ (left), perfectly encapsulates her passions, and was featured in Aesthetica Magazine’s February Issue. Read Carla’s Interview.

Chloe Massey

Meet Chloe, traveller and darkroom-grown photographer.

Chloe started photographing her younger twin sisters with their grandad’s old 35mm Olympus, and since then she’s developed a vigilant and natural blend of portraiture that gives the professionalism and high-gloss of fashion photography without feeling inaccessible.

Her empowering photo series, ‘Heroine’ (right), represents wonderful, historical Monarchs and their triumphs over the seemingly impossible, and was featured in Oh Comely’s 35th issue. Read Chloe’s Interview.

Sally & Emily

Meet Sally and Emily, photographers and sisters based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Though playful and bright on the outside, their images pick apart and question societal norms from a feminist perspective .

Their project, ‘Facetime’ (left), dissects media’s projected standards of physical looks and offers a new, celebratory perspective of holistic, authentic beauty. It was featured in After Nyne Magazine’s May issue. Read Sally & Emily’s Interview.

Aphra L Z O'Connor

Meet Aphra, a sculptor and artist with big ideas about how to blend industrial and delicate forms.

Her work not only explores found objects in their own environments and contexts, but how they exist as works of art outside the context of her studio. She’s faultlessly encouraging and offers a fresh perspective of everyday things (trust us, you’ll never see a paint can the same way again).

Aphra’s sculpture, ‘parkol paint can’ (right), from a series capturing discarded items re-imagined into abstract three-dimensional collages, was featured in After Nyne Magazine’s May issue. Read Aphra’s Interview.

Lottie Davies

Meet Lottie, photographer, adventurer, storyteller.

As a photographer, writer, and once-upon-a-time oil painter, Lottie’s well-versed in the cycle of frantic plans and hibernation, rolling with the unexpected, and planning ahead without being wed to a plan to what she thought would happen.

Lottie’s work tells stories—sometimes objective, sometimes fictitious, always authentic—and she knows that, sometimes, the best images are unplanned. Her image, ‘Quinn’ (left), is one in an ongoing series that Lottie’s shooting around Britain, one season at a time, and was feature in After Nyne Magazine’s May issue. Read Lottie’s Interview.

Lauren Seiden

Meet Lauren, New York-based visual artist, sculptor, and deep thinker.

Lauren’s laborious process explores depth and shadow, light and dark. She speaks of, and creates, layers of graphite and meaning. In her own words, “through darkness, there is a rainbow.”

Her artwork, ‘Rainbow in the Dark 2’ (right), is unlike anything we’ve seen before: a graphite and mixed medium work on silk and polyester thread with graphite drawn wood frame. It was featured in After Nyne Magazine’s May issue. Read Lauren’s Interview.

Diana Whiley

Meet Diana, writer and visual artist with a keen sense of time and place.

Her use of texture, colour, and digital media builds stories for viewers’ eyes and minds.  with incredible visual storytelling and—in her words—”alternate cultures.”

Diana’s gritty, bright, and experimental art work, ‘Fashion’ (left), was featured in Create! Magazine’s June/July issue. Read Diana’s Interview.

Madeleine Welsch

Meet Madeleine, illustrator, tree-hugging hiker, and emerging animator.

We love Madeleine’s playful and sincere style, her commitments to colour, to the great outdoors, and to seeing art in every part of her life. Her creative journey has included overcoming revision addiction, avoiding career pigeonholes, and merging environmental awareness with her personal practice.

Madeleine’s playfully off-putting illustration, ‘Missing Susan’ (right), was featured in Art Maze Magazine’s 4th edition. Read Madeleine’s Interview.

Julien Lombardi

Meet Julien, an artist who uses photography as a tool for experimentation and visual investigation.

Julien doesn’t follow any golden rules. He’s as flexible as he is talented, changing his approach and aesthetic for each project. It’s difficult not to lose yourself in his work.

His series, ‘L’inachevé‘ (‘The Unfinished’), a journey through Armenia’s state of constant transformation since the collapse of the Soviet Union, was featured in SATORI Magazine’s 2nd issue. Read Julien’s Interview.

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