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22 Shortlisted for Creative Review

22 Shortlisted for Creative Review

Ever dreamed of seeing your work in print? Now it’s possible! We’re offering a full-page spread in Creative Review, a leading magazine for creativity and visual culture.

Your work, in print

Creative Review

We’ve spent the last few weeks ooh-ing and aah-ing over gorgeous submissions by the world’s best designers and illustrators, and after a torturous shortlisting session, we’re ready to announce the 22 phenomenal artists who have a chance to see their work in print!

We can’t wait to see the results, but don’t envy our judges. These three—representing digital branding agency Hugo & Cat, the London Illustration Fair, and (of course) Creative Review—have a tough decision ahead.

To the shortlisted artists: congratulations!
To the judges: good luck.
To the rest of you: enjoy! Check out the shortlisted works below and share your favourites—get a glimpse of what is, truly, the best in creativity.

The Shortlist

Creative Review

Me and My Saluki by Moira Scicluna Zahra
Skin by Sadhna Prasad
Poolhouse by Pierre Portal
Space Goat by Sauriel Samfairy
Sparkling by Cannibal Malabar
The monsters I grew up with by Toufan Hosseiny
Pig on Fire by John Larigakis
Long Hall by Samuel Bennett
Fallen by Lisa Jay
Super Nomads No. 5 by Marianna Orsho
MiniRabbit by John Bond
Hello Boys by Paul Garland
Camera Junkie by Jasmin Sehra
Feminist Desert by Sophia
A Collection of Illustrations by Megan Reddi
People are strange by Tiago Galo
The Descent by Michelle Woodward
Afternoon Psychedelia by Chris Bigalke
My heart is a lump of earth by Rocco
Cops and Robbers by Michael Redman
Anne by Ayumi Takahashi
Human Anatomy by Serafine Frey

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