Satori Magazine Shortlist

Satori Magazine Shortlist

Another month, another outstanding opportunity to see your work printed and distributed to avid readers. This month’s Meet Series featured a partnership with SATORI Magazine, a budding platform where people from different backgrounds, cultures, interests, and beliefs can come together and share the experience of beautiful, provoking imagery and inspiring text, all in one place. The publication is the brainchild of Duncan Woods and Seb Camilleri and represents the beauty that creative work can bring when it’s inspired by personal experience and struggle.

After a hugely successful launch of the magazine, SATORI is ready for issue two this fall—the theme is Change. Zealous artists far and wide submitted their best work – our team struggled to narrow nearly 200 submissions to just over 20. We can’t wait to hear who the winner will be, but for now we’ll relish sharing the shortlist with you.

If you’re interested in submitting your work to an upcoming Meet Series, hang tight! We’re taking a brief hiatus until the fall to offer you even more amazing opportunities to flourish in your craft. Until then—happy reading!

Satori Magazine

Clemens Wirth – Gravity
Frej Rosenstjerne – Reassembled Perception
Julien Lombardi – L’inachevé (Unfinished)
Thomas Darnell – Peonies Éclater
Nicolas Blandin – Elemental
Konstans Zafeiri – Poland: A Painful History Fades Out
Oleksandr Boyko – SurrealReal
Svetlana Biryukova – setareye sargardan / wandelstern
Sekai Machache – Kin
Eleanor Irwin – Gold Rush
Iggy Smalls – Neverland
Maria Makridis – Modifying Reality
Maximilian Virgili – Urban Sights
Tanusri De – The Bengal Harvest
Lucy Hayto – More Than Just A Sport
Diogo Duarte – Shame
Azimah Zain Mayor – Minus Degrees
Zakaria Wakrim – Satori Submission
Noa Kastel – Protected Selves
Toby Zeng – Minimal Body
Julien Bonnin – Relics

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