WGX Conference

Creativity plays a big part in us being human. Harnessed properly it can inspire people to learn, sell mundane objects and change the very fabric of our society. In this talk our founder will transport the audience back to simpler times when cavemen first discovered red pigment; bring them to today, then send them kicking and screaming into our creative future (in a good way, we promise!).


Why We Exist

Creating isn’t easy. It’s a constant balance of making time to produce great work, seeking the resources to do so, sourcing the talent to make it happen, and keeping up with shifts in technology, distribution, funding…Whether you are creative, dependent on creatives, or both, our goal is to save you time and money that you can reinvest into creating more quality content, making greater profit, and generating further opportunities for the creative eco-system. Creating this virtuous cycle for creativity is a win-win for everyone.