Discover how Zealous simplified submissions for the Globe

SMEs and Graphic Designer for the Interface Conference

After a successful collaboration in 2015, Shakespeare’s Globe approached Zealous for a second consecutive year of INTERFACE, a free digital / cultural networking event between emerging digital startups and the UK’s top 10 cultural powerhouses (including BAFTA, BFI, the Royal Opera House and more).   INTERFACE 2016 was a chance for small businesses west of London to connect with the UK’s most influential creative organisations.

Discover how Zealous sourced animators and artists Canary Wharf Group

Animators for Canary Wharf Group

Canary Wharf’s Arts and Events Department was looking for an animator or videographer to create a series of original videos for their Summer Screen, situated within Canary Wharf’s shopping malls that brings an average of 900,000 people each week. The videos for the Summer Screen will introduce the many events that will occur within the estate. They loved the submissions so much they picked two candidates to create content for their screens, instead of just one.