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We are confident to give a majority of users an accessible experience, however, we cannot guarantee that our site will be accessible to absolutely everyone.

We regularly test and review our platform to improve our accessibility. If you have any suggestions for how we could improve our accessibility, please do let us know.

Our platform has improved accessibility, including for screen reader users, in particular for those submitting and those judging (not for administrators yet).

When a screen reader user firsts visits Zealous, they will be given an email address, [email protected] and a phone number (+44 (0) 8142 8874, should they need our help.

Our platform can be navigated with different types of methods, including the tab key and arrows, and is also on a responsive layout, which allows users to zoom in should they need to see larger fonts. 95% of our font type is Open Sans, which we understand is in the top 3 accessible fonts. Other fonts types are only used for titles which are much bigger.

For applicants, not all images have alt text. However, you have the choice to include a short description below the image.

If you do know someone that would be using a screen reader, please do let us know and we would be happy to support them personally.

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