Roadmap for future features

Keep track of new Zealous features, improvements and fixes.

For Everyone

Add Two-Factor authentication to all accounts.

In Progress
Allow candidates to preview the application form before they submit

Allow candidates to pay by bank transfer

Allow for more languages

Allow candidates to pay in installments

Change Zealous theme to be black on white and white on black

Allow candidates to submit to multiple categories in one go. Deployed

For Hosts & Judges

Link Zealous to your services with Webhooks

Add hint text to application form questions.

Allow admins to customise the content of all out-going emails

Allow for nominations, or allow for users to start an entry on the behalf of others

Create a latecomers link, to allow candidates to submit after the deadline

Automatically download all imagery for an opportunity

Switch off steps in the submissions cycle (e.g. submission, form steps) Deployed

Ask for payment up-front before allowing for the submission to be drafted Deployed

Allow for entries to belong to categories and sub-categories Deployed

Allow judges and hosts to add comments to entries Deployed

Integrate Zealous with ZapierDeployed

Create discount codes for submission fees Deployed

For Candidates & Creators

Move projects around in your portfolio

Allow you to sell your work directly from your portfolio

Import projects into Zealous from other profiles

Allow candidates to download a copy of their submission Deployed

Take submissions in minutes

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