Keep track of new Zealous features, improvements and fixes.

Coming soon

deployed in stages when ready
(these may change based on the needs of our community)

For Everyone

  • Website accessibility update (completed)
  • Speedier website with real-time CSS injection (in progress)
  • Migration to real-time database (in progress)
  • Black and white website skin (day/night mode)
  • Commenting system
  • Improved profile layout
  • Zealous framework upgrade to JSON – allowing for faster load times and integrations with 3rd party apps
  • New Explore pages

Hosting Opportunities

  • Data hosting in the UK (in progress)
  • Edit entries on the behalf of candidates
  • Organisations & judge comments
  • Customise automated email content
  • Promo codes

Applicants & Creators

  • Complete rebuild of your:
    • Submissions page
    • Portfolio page
    • Projects page
  • Move projects in your portfolio

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