Discover how Zealous simplified artist submissions for the Batsford Prize by Pavilion Books

A student prize supporting the talent of tomorrow


Discover how Zealous simplified artist submissions for the Batsford Prize by Pavilion Books

Pavilion books simplified their submissions process through:

  • Judging candidates in categories
  • Customising their application forms
  • Selecting winners over multiple rounds

Hosted on Zealous since 2018

Supporting Students

The Batsord prize prepares applicants for their future endeavours and presents an opportunity for exposure and recognition. The chance for young creatives to get their foot in the door is invaluable.

The prize, hosted by Pavilion Books, is an annual award covering a theme aimed at students across five categories: Applied Art, Fashion, Illustration and Children’s Illustration.

Batsford is open for undergraduate and postgraduate students and offers the winner of each category a cash prize. Previous awards have included £7,000 worth of prizes, exposure to VIP judges and book deals.

  • Illustration submission by Helen Kellock
  • Sculpture submission by Clarice Ng
  • Illustration submission by Terri Po
  • Designs submission by Haochun Chen
  • Textile Design submission by Zoe Wenban
  • Painting submission by Megan Priestley
  • Print submission by Ana Luiz-Wright
  • Installation submission by Svetlana Ochkovskaya
  • Illustration submission by Guhee Kim
  • Illustration submission by Camelia Pham
  • Illustration submission by Alexandra Dzhiganskaya

Doubling Submissions

  • Cutting down on the admin work: Zealous made the submissions cycle more efficient through customised questions, real-time progress updates and assigning categories. This meant that Pavilion could spend more time on their marketing efforts. A huge increase in their application numbers is reflected over the two-year period.
  • Including their 6 art categories within one submission template meant that the entire process could be streamlined.
  • Multiple rounds allowed Pavilion Books to create a shortlist ahead of the final round. For judges who are time-poor, this saved them a big chunk of time when scoring.
  • Frida Green
    Zealous made the whole process easier for our student award, from submissions to judging, and the team were super friendly and supportive throughout
    Pavillion Books (Campaigns Manager)

Encouraging Creativity

Organising a prize for students lends itself to the encouragement of creativity. New for 2018 was the introduction of an international illustration category, opening up the award for students from the whole world. The prize encouraged entries that demonstrated innovative and well-crafted interpretations of the theme, in terms of subject or materials used, or a combination of the two. Pavilion Books accepted entries that had been made as a part of coursework, enabling students to submit seamlessly via Zealous, without impacting time spent on external commitments.

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