Championing Swiss Artistic Talent in the UK


Quarterly calls since November 2019
30 hours of admin saved

The Swiss Cultural Foundation saves time using Zealous

  • Automating communications with candidates
  • Speeding up decision making
  • Making the application process intuitive

Championing Swiss Artistic Talent in the UK

The Swiss Cultural Fund (SCF) in the UK supports Switzerland’s artistic scene in the United Kingdom through cultural and educational events and projects. 

The Fund champions many artistic genres, from music to design, the visual arts to performance, and architecture to literature, enabling both emerging and established artists to present themselves to the British public through a wide range of cultural institutions and venues.

As part of its mission, SCF takes submissions for quarterly grants supportting Swiss artistic talents in the United Kingdom.

  • Fatuma Osman
    Zealous is a welcome alternative to the time-consuming administration of our former system. It allowed our Board members easy access to submissions and the scoring tool simplifies our selection process. The team is very helpful and always there to offer support. Overall the platform is easy to use and intuitive.
    Cultural Affairs (Embassy of Switzerland)

Saving 30 hours of admin

The SCF started using Zealous for their quarterly grant call in November of 2019. 

To date, the Swiss Cultural Fund has run 6 calls through Zealous. During this time they have reduced administration time for their candidates, judges, and themselves. Some of their favourite functions so far are:

  • A very clear and intuitive application process. The ability to add or remove elements quickly and easily.
  • Automating confirmations emails to applicants upon submitting their project, as well as automated notifications for their results.
  • The scoring system accelerates the decision-making process during the funds’ Committee meetings.

Facilitating a cultural exchange

Zealous is honoured to be supporting the Swiss Cultural Fund in its mission to champion Swiss talent in the UK.

By saving the SCF time on back-office tasks we hope to allow them to spend more of it on encouraging new talents and widening exposure to the best selection of Swiss artists across the UK.

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