Save days on gathering, reviewing & managing submissions online with all the features you need in one place.

In a nutshell

Spend more time growing your impact and less on managing submissions.

Limitless opportunities

Run unlimited programmes, invite unlimited judges, and allow candidates to upload as many files as they need, of any size you require for no additional cost.

Fair, Flexible & Transparent Pricing

Choose to pay monthly or yearly, with no annual commitments. Our prices are public, with no cost for additional programmes, no hidden fees for more features or breaches of “fair usage policies”.

Delight stakeholders

Submitting and scoring entries shouldn’t be a chore. Zealous is lovingly crafted to give your applicants and judges the simplest and best possible journey.


Allow candidates and judges of diverse backgrounds and abilities access to the opportunities you run with code built with accessibility in mind.

Cut back office costs

Our success is measured in how much time we save you. This directly translates into the time you can spend elsewhere.

Environmentally friendly

Taking submissions online helps you remove paper waste and printing costs from your process.


We exist to support creative talent. We reinvest part of our profits into initiatives to support the future of our industry.

Manage & Automate

Ditch cluttered inboxes, complex spreadsheets & presentations. We help you automate every step of your competition.

Customisable schedule

Enter key dates – Zealous automatically opens and closes submissions, as well as publishes results at the right time for you.

Automated emails

Keep candidates and judges up to date at each step of your process, without needing to send an email yourself.

Convert more candidates

We’ll remind all candidates with draft submissions to complete them a couple of days before your deadline.

Built-in payments

No need to create accounts anywhere else, we’ll manage invoices and payments on your behalf through Stripe and Xero.

Tailored to you

Set up in no time at all. Customise every part of your process to best fit your needs

Your dedicated page

Don’t have your own website? We’ll generate a personalised page for you.

Draft mode

Keep your open call in draft as you add the finishing touches. Publish it only once you are ready.

Make changes at anytime

Edit your opportunity on the fly to cover candidates’ frequently asked questions, even whilst the call is open.

Transparent Rewards

Boost submissions by letting candidates know exactly what they will be getting with our simple, visual rewards system.


We’ve supported some of the biggest organisations take thousands of submissions, and continually streamline the candidates’ journey as efficient as possible.

Accept any media

Images, Videos, 3D models. Candidates can upload and embed almost any media to your submission.

Customise Questions

Get the information you need as candidates submit. Add questions to the application form during the opportunity if you need to.

Real-time progress

Measure the success of your marketing efforts with our real time submissions graph.


Evolve your application process by identifying sticking points early with our submission journey flowchart.

Take Payments

Give candidates a truly streamlined experience with secure payments and invoicing integrated directly into the submissions process.

Create Deals

Incentivise candidates to submit more with special deals (e.g. 2 for the price of 1).

Judging & Evaluation

Save your judges time, and allow them to focus on the content, not the process.

Keeping it Fun

We designed our judging process to visually reward each score, automatically navigating from entry to entry and giving judges and overview once done.

No overheads

Don’t waste time compiling presentations for judges, all information and imagery to score submissions is already available online.


Assign judges to different categories. They will only see candidates who submitted to the categories they were invited to.

Judge Anywhere

From the moment judging opens, judges can score entries from anywhere – even on their mobile.

Only show the best

Selecting talent in rounds (longlist, shortlist) allows you to curate the selection before the judges see candidates. This gives you complete control over what is presented to stakeholders.

View Progress

See judges’ progress and get notifications when judges have confirmed their scores. We’ll even remind them to score entries closer to the deadline.


Let your judges choose when to start scoring as soon as judging opens, and allow them to come back at any time to finish before judging closes.

Public Voting

Let the public help you select the talent going onto the next round at the click of a button.

Engage with your audience

Opening to a public vote furthers your reach, grows your audience and helps engage with the communities that you serve.

Grow your Subscribers

Build your audience – get voters to subscribe to your marketing list when they vote and grow your engaged community of followers.

Measure Progress

Keep your finger on the pulse of public voting with our real-time charts. Download reports at any time.

Selection & Winners

Select candidates going onto the next round at the touch of a button, we’ll let them know when the round ends

Multiple rounds

Create a shortlist to send to judges, open to a public vote before inviting judges or select candidates yourself across multiple rounds. Make your selection your way.

In order

We’ll automatically put the candidates in the order the judges or the public picked them. Making it quick for you to make your selection.

The full picture

Make decisions quickly with all candidate information, and the opinions of your judges/public available to you in one place.

Download customised PDFs

Download your submissions as PDF files to archive, send to judges or print.

Powerful search

Effortlessly find the submission you are looking for with our powerful search and filter functions.

Your decision

We’ll order candidates based on scores, but ultimately the selection of candidates at the end of each round is always yours.

Publish results

We’ll email everyone who submitted to your call to let them know the result once the announcement date is reached, and publish them on your page (if you want us to).

Data & Archive

View progress year on year with all your information in the same place.

Learn from past calls

Want to know how many people submitted to previous opportunities? When are they most likely to submit? Find all the information in your archive.

Export your data

Download CSV files of all the candidates that have submitted to you, what they submitted, transactions, public votes, newsletter signups and more!

Build confidence

Candidates are more likely to submit to calls that have been run before. Zealous gives them access to past calls, giving them an additional incentive to submit.

Comply with GDPR

Compliant with EU regulations, candidates can remove their personal information without you needing to lift a finger.

Powerful & Secure

Our services are crafted on the most secure and scalable infrastructures available; giving you the reliability you and your stakeholders deserve.

Highly Scalable

Taking submissions is prone to last-minute surges. Our services scale based on your needs and provide you with very high uptime (99.8%).

Secure payments

We don’t store any payment information, our payment gateway Stripe does that for us. Stripe is certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.


Zealous restricts access to data and functionality based on their role. This limits access to sensitive information based on whether they are entrants, judges or managers.

Data Ownership

Candidates give you the right to their information when they submit to one of your calls, Zealous only holds the data on your behalf. We do not, and will never, sell the data to external parties.

With Purpose

A service without purpose means nothing to us, we started Zealous to have a meaningful impact in supporting creative talent.

We are who we serve

Just like you, we organise our own awards and competitions, allowing us to experience our own product. Our latest received 2,200 submissions and was curated by over 40 judges.

Money for the right reasons

We reinvest our profits in projects that support the creative ecosystem. Like our annual Emerge Awards, giving cash prizes to emerging artists.

Evolving best practice

We continuously challenge best practices. Making this knowledge available to you through our monthly system updates and blog.

Stronger together

We believe that each creative discipline is dependent on the whole sector. By bringing the sector together in a single place we will help unlock many more opportunities.

Take submissions in minutes

Try our submission manager now. No onboarding or credit card required.