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Accept submissions in minutes

  • Your dedicated page, no coding required
  • Open and close submissions to your commission automatically
  • Customise your submission process and application form
  • Market your commission with bi-monthly emails to our community
  • Draft in minutes, publish once ready
  • Award-winning support with help files, tours, and LiveChat
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We were able to deal efficiently with a much higher number of submissions than anticipated.

Jane Hackett
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Project Director)

Delight Candidates

  • Delight candidates with a streamlined application process
  • Accept images, videos, pdf, 3D models
  • Allow candidates to edit entries until close
  • View real-time submissions progress
  • Convert draft entries with automatic reminders
  • Save applicants time with project reuse
  • Contact candidates at any time
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Zealous is remarkable. A promotional profile that easily allows submission to competitions.

Elizabeth Mizon

Engage with stakeholders & communities

simple submissions selection screenshot
  • Capture critical stakeholders’ input, and invite them to score entries
  • Remove bias with anonymous judging
  • Give your community a voice with a public vote
  • Download PDFs for offline judging
  • Mobile friendly, no app needed
  • Get voters to signup for your newsletter
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I found Zealous exceptionally intuitive

Sukhy Johal MBE
Chair Midlands Area (Arts Council)

Select the right work

  • View all of the applicants’ information in one place
  • Make your selection across multiple rounds
  • Automatically send out result emails
  • Quickly filter & search applications
  • Save money and the environment with a paperless process
  • See the best work first with average scores; retain control by confirming the selection for each round
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