Who can participate?

Zealous X is open to UK based creatives from 7 disciplines. Art, Design, Film, Interactive & Gaming, Music, Performance and Photography.

All artists selected will be expected to bring their works / perform in London from the 7th of January until the 17th.

What does 'Sharing Ticket Sales with the Artists' mean?

Zealous X was never created as a money making project, although we strongly believe in rewarding the artists taking part in the programme.

This means 51% of our ticket sales will go directly to the artists, and we’ll publish all box-office information with you all.

How is that 51% split across artists

Zealous X is split into live performances (Music & Performance) and static installations (Design, Photography, Visual Arts, Film, Interactive & Gaming).

Live performances will get 26% of the box office (13% each).
Static installations will get 25% of the box office (5% each).

Where does your 49% go?

The venue, keeping your work safe, the people setting up the rooms, marketing, ticket sales…it takes a huge amount of effort to put together the festival you are about to experience.

Our judges and speakers have given us their time for free for which we are tremendously blessed. Also none of the Zealous team was paid by the resources made available for Zealous X.

As an Artist what do I make off the event?

If Zealous X sells all it’s tickets you can expect the following:

Music & Performance ~ £600*
All other fields ~ £230*

* Please note that these values cannot be guaranteed, they depend upon tickets sale.

What should I submit?

This very much depends on your field (before you submit you’ll see a set of guidelines related to your field). But the gist of it is, each submission you make defines a work / body of works which will be showcased at Zealous X. Make sure you give our judges a good understanding of what your work is about (quality photos of your art, good video footage of your performance…) and if you include text please don’t submit more than 2 A4 pages.

What happens once I submit?

As soon as you submit, you should receive an email from us confirming your application has been received (check your junk mail, just in case!). We will then automatically keep you updated at each step in the process regardless of the outcome of your submission.

Be aware that Zealous X is not the only opportunity on Zealous, so be sure to update your profile and upload more projects to have the best possible presence for when opportunities come knocking!

Can I submit password protected videos?

Yes you can, we’ll ask you for the password in the application form. This will only be shown to our judges.

Can I submit multiple projects?

Yes you can, so long as the projects you are submitting are different. Anyone submitting the same project twice will be disqualified.

Please note only one of your projects will make it to our short list.

We can’t wait to see what you create!