We’re more than a submissions platform. We’re a vibrant community of thousands of creators and institutions with stories waiting to be told.

Championing artists and those that support them is the reason Zealous was founded. Part of our profits are reinvested into supporting artists by featuring their work and making resources available to them to flourish in their craft.

In the past decade, we have showcased work at exhibitions, rewarded excellence with awards and brought creators together to share knowledge (and a few drinks).

Our community initatives evolve over time to better serve you. Below you will see a breakdown of all the projects we have run to support the creative industries.

Amplify is an annual competition which aims to amplify exposure to a specific societal issue through art.

Our first ever was inspired by the impact on the impact of COVID on our mental health, shedding a light on an issue which is often willfully ignored.

To maximise the impact of this initative, Zealous partners with a charity linked to the issue being amplified to support their efforts with donations.

Visit the Amplify page

Zealous Stories was crafted to celebrate creative work and support incredible talent practice with a monthly cash prize, and the opportunity to have your work seen by some of the UK’s most prestigious creative organisations.

Each month we honoured a different creative medium. The winner was selected by an independent panel of industry judges and got £250, and where possible a portfolio review with one of the judges.

Read up on the incredible stories that were celebrated

The Emerge Awards celebrated the diversity and artistic merits of emerging creative talent from all backgrounds across the UK.

With cash prizes, an incredible panel of 40+ industry judges and exposure in the media, we wanted to make a case for safeguarding the interests of those in the creative industries.

Go to the Emerge Awards page.

The amazing Yinka Shonibare - one of our Emerge Judges

Zealous X is a multimedia arts festival which has happened twice across the last decade.

Our latest iteration took over London’s Rich Mix in 2016 for 10 days showcasing music, exhibitions, panel discussions and keynote speeches.

The festival aims to unite conversations around the creative industries in an environment dictated by those artists.

Visit the Zealous X site to explore image galleries from the Festival, and watch some of the incredible talks and performances we hosted.  

Mervyn Millar giving at talk about puppetry at Zealous X 2016
Performance by Petar Miloshevski at Zealous X
Workshops at Zealous X

Zealous Meetups bwere created to bring the creative community together to share a few drinks and insights.

During the evening a panel would share ideas and lessons learned in their craft.

The informal talks and opportunity to network proved valuable freelancers who may feel isolated in their roles.

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