We’re more than a submissions platform. We’re a vibrant community of thousands of creators and institutions with stories waiting to be told.

Championing artists and those that support them is the reason Zealous was founded.

Part of our profits are reinvested into directly supporting artists by featuring their work and making resources available to them to flourish in their craft.

In the past decade, we have showcased work at exhibitions, rewarded excellence with awards and brought creators together to share knowledge (and a few drinks).

Community Initiatives

We love to celebrate our community online and offline with events, awards, festivals and more!

Zealous Stories

Be featured, win great prizes and let us tell your story.

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The Emerge Awards

Awards celebrating emerging creative talent across the UK.

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Zealous X

A multidisciplinary artist showcase alongside industry talks.

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A space to get together, share stories and meet other creators.

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