Zealous Stories

Zealous Stories was crafted to celebrate your creative work and support your practice with a monthly cash prize, and the opportunity to have your work seen by some of the UK’s most prestigious creative organisations.

How it worked

Each month we honored a different creative medium. The winner was selected by an independent panel of industry judges and got £250 and where we could, a portfolio review with one of the judges.

Past winners

Read the inspirational stories of past winners of our Stories series.

Past Judges

Each stories had its own panel of judges, each from some of the UK’s most respected creative organisations.


We’ve tried to keep submitting to stories as simple as possible, but here are answers to a few common questions

How can I submit?
We’re interested in celebrating interesting stories. These can be about a specific project, or about your practice.
Are there any costs to take part?
No, Zealous Stories is absolutely free.
Do I retain rights to my work?
Absolutely, the work belongs to you.

We ask you for the right to be able to share it and publish it on our website (it would be difficult to celebrate you without being able to publish your work!).

How many winners to you pick?
Each story we run has a shortlist of about 20 to 25 entries. These will be celebrated across our social media feeds and passed onto the panel of judges from which to pick one winner.

We celebrate the winner with an interview about their work, which we share with our network. They will also take home £250 (no strings attached).

What should I submit?
We’re interested in celebrating interesting stories. These can be about a specific project, or about your practice.

Works that do well with our judging panel often have a well-defined purpose and are executed well. High-quality imagery helps. To get inspiration of what has been selected in the past, have a look at the previous winners’ works.

Can I get feedback on my entry?
Unfortunately not, however, we are trying to organise portfolio reviews with some of the judges. This isn’t available for all the mediums we run. Take a look at individual call outs for more details.
Why are you running stories?
A big part of our mission is supporting creative industries, and we know that starts with supporting creators.

Stories has been running for a while, but on our 10th year anniversary we thought it would be great to celebrate

It’s been a hard couple of years and we want to do our bit to support you with what we have.

Take submissions in minutes

Try our submission manager now. No onboarding or credit card required.