Creative Resources: Where to Get Your Grant

Every discipline comes with its own set of requirements and costs. It can be hard to filter through the plethora of opportunities to find the perfect one suited to your project and its needs. We’ve put together a selection of grant initiatives and competitions that stand out as being particularly suited to specific disciplines.


Tadas Mikuckis, Piano Time

The PRS Foundation

The Open Fund offers grants of up to £10,000 to high-quality new music projects with tangible musical outcomes and a clearly defined start and end date.

The grant is open to any not-for-profit organisation based in the UK with an eligible project. Open Fund are particularly interested in the quality of the music, and the ways in which your proposed project will benefit musicians and organisations involved. You can apply as an Organisation (e.g festival, venue, promotor) or a Music Creator

Deadline: 14 June 2021

Fine Art

Yannis Papanastasopoulos, Paintbrushes 

Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants

Currently prioritising applications from individuals, Project Grants are designed to support time-sensitive activities; projects need to have an aspect of public engagement, either as part of the project or in the longer term.

Outline your idea in a proposal and set out a plan for how your project will engage with a wide audience (in accordance with current government guidelines, of course). Grants may range from £1,000-100,000. The average grant made to visual artists in 2015/16 was £17,486.00

Individual artists and practitioners, community and cultural organisations, museums and libraries can apply.

Deadline: National Lottery Project Grants is open all the time!


Quino Al, Black and White Pottery 

The Craft Pottery Charitable Trust Annual Ceramic Grants

The Annual Ceramic Grants programme is open to individuals and groups involved in ceramics. Grants cover direct expenses for a period of independent research, production of artworks and publications for public exhibitions or development of prototypes and promotional material.

British Citizens or those with a permanent resident status, as defined by UK Visas and Immigration can apply. Applicants must also meet the definition of a professional artist, a professional ceramic artist or a contemporary studio ceramics curator (full details per their website)

Deadline: 15 December 2021
Here’s the Application Form


Xiaoying Liang, Screenshot of Defining Graphic Communication Design 

The Perito Prize

The Perito Prize is an annual short fiction competition created to get people thinking in different ways about inclusive environments, inclusion, diversity, accessibility and inclusive design.

£500 for first prize winner. First, second and third prize winners will be included in The Perito Prize Anthology and will also be invited to appear on The Perito Prize Podcast to talk about themselves and their work.

Open to writers of any age and location – the only condition is that your short story must be centred around the theme of accessibility, inclusion, diversity & inclusive environments.

Deadline: 01 October, 2021

General Support and Wellbeing

Yu Long Li, Stay Home

  • Arts Admin Creative Support Sessions: This amazing free service by Arts Admin is specifically aimed at artists and creatives. These one-to-one meetings are led by experienced artists and arts professionals keen to support innovative thinkers!
  • Babeworld: Babeworld is an artist-let platform and project aimed at divulging into real-life issues and the organic process of making work. They are currently open for applications to Babeworld School of Art, a brand new initiative, and offer bi-monthly grants through their platform.
  • Handmade in Britain Workshops: Handmade in Britain are running a new series of weaving workshops with associated artists including Cassandra Sabo — check it out!
  • I Like Networking: I Like Networking offers free mentoring and networking opportunities for womxn in creative industries.

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